Our Menu

A Canvas of Flavours by Chef Narayan

Welcome to a dining experience unlike any other. At United Kitchens of India, our menu is more than just a list of dishes; it’s a starting point for a culinary adventure tailored to your taste. While we offer a range of delectable options, our true specialty lies in creating personalized dishes that cater to your unique palate.

Every dish at our restaurant is infused with the magic of Chef Narayan’s royal touch. With years of culinary expertise and a passion for innovation, Chef Narayan takes pride in crafting meals that not only satisfy but also surprise and delight your senses. From the spicy depths of Indian curries to the subtle aromas of tandoori, each creation is a testament to his culinary prowess and dedication to excellence.

Starters – Vegetarian

Crackling Greens (€7.99)

Crisp Spinach with house special sauces

Onion Pakora (€6.99)

Onion fritters of onion and gram flour

Aloo Tikki (€7.99)

Crisp tossed potato patties in hot and tangy sauce

Gobi BEZULE (€7.99)

Battered cauliflower florets tossed in coconut base tangy sauce

Gobi Manchurian (€7.99)

Florets of cauliflower tossed with chillies and soy

Achaari Aloo Tandoori (€6.99)

Baby Potatoes marinated in pickling spices

Aloo Mutter Samosa (€6.99)

Spiced mash potato and green peas in a crisp pastry case with assorted chutneys

Starters – Non-Vegetarian – Fish & Prawns

Tawa Grilled prawns (€24.99)

Tiger Prawns grilled in a mustard marination

Achari Jhinga (€24.99)

Prawn cooked with shell marinated with pickling spices

Tawa Masala Macchi (€13.99)

Fish marinated with ground chilly and griddled to perfection

Ajwaini Macchi (€13.99)

Ocean fresh Fish with carom flavored marination


Chicken Tikka (€12.99)

Tandoor cooked chicken morsels marinated with yogurt, ginger and garlic

Chicken 65 (€12.99)

Batter fried Chicken with a Chinese influence

Chilli chicken (€12.99)

Battered chicken with chillies and soy

Tandoori Murgh (€12.99)

1/2 chicken on bone grilled in a tandoor

Murgh Malai Tikka (€12.99)

Chicken in a rich marinade with yogurt and cream with garlic flavour


Chaapli Kebab (€14.99)

Minced lamb patties pan fried with a hint of tomato and mint

Sheekh kebab (€14.99)

Traditional Sheekh kebab

Barrah Kebab (€24.99)

Juicy lamb chops grilled in caraway flavoured marinade

Galauti kebab (€14.99)

“Melt in your mouth” cardamom and mace flavoured minced lamb kebab


Main Course – Vegetarian

Bhindi Moongphali (€12.99)

Dry fried okra with peanuts onion,tomatoes and raw mango powder

Paneer Butter Masala (€12.99)

Cottage cheese cooked with onion,tomato and cumin

Kadai Paneer (€12.99)

A mélange of peppers and cottage cheese

Muttar Paneer (€12.99)

Home made cheese cooked with garden peas in a cashew based sauce

Paneer Makhani (€12.99)

The ethnic “Punjab” style cottage cheese cooked in tandoor and finished in tomato sauce enriched with butter

Aloo Bhurji (€10.99)

Spicy potato mash with onion and virgin mustard oil

Vegetable stew (€10.99)

Vegetables cooked in freshly squeezed coconut milk

Malai Kofta (€11.99)

Dumplings made of vegetables and cottage cheese cooked rich cashew base sauce

Gobi Muttar Ka Keema (€9.99)

An ethnic minced cauliflower and green peas preparation spiced with crushed pepper

Chana Masala (€9.99)

Chick pea cooked in a chunky onion and tomato sauce

Dal Makhani (€9.99)

A rich black lentil preparation from the houses of “Punjab”

Dal Tadka (€8.99)

Yellow lentils given a tempering of cumin, garlic and red chilies

Main Course – Non- Vegetarian – Fish & Prawns

Jhinga Masala (€16.99)

“Lucknawi” style prawns cooked in chef special masala

Prawn Moilee (€16.99)

Prawns cooked in lightly spiced coconut sauce, specialty from “Kerala”

Goan Fish Curry (€13.99)

The traditional fish curry from the “konkan” coast

Andhra fish Curry (€13.99)

Tamarind flavored traditional “Andhra” fish preparation


Murgh Tikka Masala (€15.99)

Chicken cooked in the tandoor and tossed with onion tomato and yogurt

Kadai Murgh (€14.99)

Stir-fried chicken with peppers and onions in a tangy tomato sauce

Murgh Makhani/Butter Chicken (€14.99)

“Punjabi” style chicken preparation in a rich tomato sauce

Chicken Coconut Curry (€14.99)

Boneless chicken cooked with curry leaves coconut cream and a hint of vinegar

Methi Murgh (€14.99)

Chicken flavoured with yogurt and fenugreek leaves


Chicken cooked the “parsi style” with yogurt and topped with straw potatoes


Lamb Chettinad (€17.99)

A combination of lamb with black pepper, aniseed onion and tomato with a hint of tamarind

Saag Gosht (€17.99)

Tender lamb preparation in a creamy spinach sauce hails from “Punjab”

Gosht Roganjosh (€17.99)

Lamb cooked with yogurt, fennel seeds and ginger

Bhuna Gosht (€17.99)

Tender pieces of lamb Stir fried in thick gravy of tomato and fried onion

Lamb Coconut Curry (€17.99)

A rich and flavorsome lamb preparation with coconut


A reminisce for the Raj times,spicy lamb curry potatoes

Beef & Pork

Pork Vindaloo (€16.99)

Pork cooked in tangy sauce with pickled garlic and vinegar

Pork Chilli Garlic (€16.99)

Pork cooked with galic and chilly with aniseeds

Beef Pepper Fry (€16.99)

Stir fried beef with black pepper

Kerala Beef Curry (€16.99)

Cubes of beef cooked with onion ,tomato in coconut cream and curry leaves

Basmati Preparations


Accompanied with raita

LAMB (€17.99)

CHICKEN (€15.99)

VEGETABLE (€13.99)

Other Rice

Pulao (€4.99)

Steamed Rice (€3.99)

Coconut Rice (€5.99)

Tomato pudina rice (€6.99)

Rice flavoured with tomato and mint


Green salad (€3.99)

Raita (€3.99)

(Mixed / Boondi)

Plain Yogurt  (€2.99)


Laccha Ajwaini Naan (€4.99)

House special Layered Naan with caraway seeds

Onion and coriander Kulcha (€4.99)

Naan (€3.99)

(Butter / Garlic / Plain )

Tandoori Roti (€4.99)

Whole wheat bread

Lacha Paratha (€4.99)

Layered whole wheat bread

Pudhina Paratha (€4.99)

Layed bread with mint

Kerala Paratha (€5.99)

Crisp flaky bread with virgin coconut oil

MITHAI (Desserts)


A creamy frozen dessert of dates and figs

MANGO (€6.99)




Fried milk dumplings soaked in cardamom flavored syrup

ICE CREAM (€4.99)


Alcoholic Drinks

BEER ON TAP 45 CL (€5.50)

BEER ON TAP 20 CL (€3.50)

CIDER ON TAP 45 CL (€6.50)

COBRA 33CL (€3.50)


SOMERSBY (€4.00)


Non Alcoholic


HOUSE STILL 0.5 (€3.00)

House SPARKLING (€4.00)


LASSI (€4.50)

JUICES (€2.50)

GINGER ALE (€2.50)


COFFEE (€2.50)

CAFE LATTE (€3.00)

TEA (€3.00)



CASTELLO (€2.50)

PEDRAS (€2.00)